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Sunny in Seattle



I watched in glee as the polo players dodged each other in the mad scramble for the ball.  Mounts came within inches of each other, sliding on the slick surface, a breath from collision and disaster.  Their riders urged them on, as they spun after the ball, mallets held high in the air.  The fact these mounts were of the two-wheeled not four-hooved variety did not diminish the overall effect of fit men dashing about on a warm summer evening.*

Seattle’s Capital Hill Neighborhood hummed, persistent as people sprawled on the grass watching the boys play heroics on the bikes, enjoying the rare summer evening that was pretending at summer.  And most importantly, somewhere nearby, I knew Alicia was on a date.

We had designed our camera set up as to be as low impact as possible.  It meant that once I had set the equipment, I could more or less then walk away to wander back from time to time, checking on batteries while keeping an eye out for lookey-loos and loud talkers.  While usually this meant I lurked nearby, eavesdropping on the dates, tonight I had become distracted by sprinting carbon fiber and my ice cream cone.  So unlike most dates, I don’t have much of an opinion on WashTwo.

What I did gather, was just enough of a picture of a well meaning guy, who didn’t quite recognize how he also contributed to his relationships failing or not starting in the first place, and who was not just a victim of reoccurring bad luck.  I was having trouble guessing his age, but I would have pegged him at least late thirties, but he though he still demonstrated some of the same pitfalls I encounter in younger guys I have dated.

So here it is, a pro-tip from the front line, DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT DATING TO THE PERSON WHO YOU ARE TRYING TO DATE.  Dating is already stressful, especially blind dates.  There is no reason to go putting more angsty thoughts into the other person’s head.  It only reminds people of all the reasons why they should not put themselves out there, not all the reasons an attempt is worthwhile.

Seattle had been at its most postcard perfect that day, and we utilized the heck out of one of its eight sunny days a year.  We had driven up from Portland that morning (and only got lost once!) ready to attempt something a little insane, two dates in only our second city where we still hadn’t quite figured out our equipment or each other.  But what is a project without a little bit of a challenge?

Earlier in the day we had met WashOne, who was a sweetheart who hadn’t yet realized that he was now hot, and that blonde co-worker was not putting her boobs in his face on accident.  How could he know?  Girls who looked like that tend not to hit on people who are 150 pounds over weight.  He had the sense of newness, as two lives battled it out to see what would remain.   It’s incredibly strange to meet someone who doesn’t seem quite fully formed at 30, but you could also see where he was going and it was incredibly enticing.  I could see how every girl in his life would want to throw their hat into that wind, just in case.

Want a different take on the Washington guys? Read Alicia’s entries on WashOne and WashTwo.

*Due to Alicia recovering from surgery these next few weeks, you all are going to be hanging out with me, Megan.  So be prepared for my musings on the trip, dating, Alicia, and everything.  And though, if I had my rather, I would exist entirely in a Princess Bride/Doctor Who mash up universe, perhaps I can entertain you until Alicia’s triumphant return. – MP

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