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Washington – Date One

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Fine, I admit it. I have a hard time making decisions between two exceptional choices. So with only one day in Seattle and two really nice potential dates from How About We, I couldn’t play eenie-meenie-miney-moe like I did when I was a child — I went out with both!

Up first, Nitin. Props to a guy who will wake up early for a first date — he agreed to go stand-up paddleboarding with me on Lake Washington at 10 a.m.  Since you don’t really need a lesson to start SUP — you can simply rent the board and away you go — I figured the sport couldn’t be as challenging as say, riding a broomstick. I assumed a little wrong. Luckily, our rental purveyors gave a three-minute lesson on the grass, which meant at least we were able to learn the basics.

Namely, that you will fall in. Oh, and start on your knees.

A few paddle suggestions later and we were off — on our knees and wondering exactly how anyone managed to stand up. The man paddling ahead of me attempted a jump-to-stand maneuver. Bad. Decision. In he went. Concerned I would hit the lake after having known Nitin for a mere 10 minutes, I practiced paddling on my knees a bit more before getting the guts to stand — one foot at a time, at Nitin’s prodding. We eventually managed to paddle in peace, getting to know one another while also attempting to stay upright. (Nitin was the first to break that seal!)

On the water, Nitin shared with me that he underwent a change in his life this year: he started eating healthy and running. In addition to his body and endurance being made over, his priorities have, too. His efforts were recognized by his company — he’d just received a surprise award two days earlier at work. He was still reeling from the joyous aftermath: a slew of congratulatory emails, nice comments, and handshakes from coworkers.

It was interesting to be on a first date amidst this sort of experience. Nitin was, for maybe the first time ever, getting used to the idea of being someone worth looking up to. This made me wonder: What is it like to date when you’re a different physical person in a new mental space and you’re still coming to terms with you?

Nitin was a catch, even if he wasn’t quite used to what that feels like yet.

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