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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Right Regrettable Decisions

Over late morning coffee, far too bold for my liking even when cut with sugar and cream, my friend’s companion said, Sometimes the right decision is still regrettable. We were packed into a booth like matchsticks in a box, and once he said it, I couldn’t shake the smokey remembrance of the time I’d stubbed […]

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Let’s Love

Let’s love silently. Let’s love fiercely. Let’s love whether anyone is looking or not, and whether anyone is listening or not. Let’s love for the sake of how love feels when it’s curling over your bones and pecking at your heart. Let’s love to give that feeling to someone else. Let’s build a never-ending love […]

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Scene From a Train Station

The fog draped over the rolling hills, a hijab hiding the stories they had to tell. Secrecy had been long brewed into the air, making any fresh breath a gulp of momentary relief before I plunged back into wondering if I was being a made a fool. Once I stepped on the train, I’d have a […]

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The Best We Can

33 isn’t shaping up to be too shabby. Honestly, I couldn’t put my finger on why that was for a few days. Not that when everything feels like swimming in sunshine (even the burn from so many rays) there needs to be a why, but considering the black hole of apprehension I felt in the weeks […]

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I wonder why we’re so attached to our birthdays; why we feel such ownership over the day. They say the sound of your own name is the sweetest sound you can hear (by “they” I mean one of the producers of This American Life, which is where I heard that particular saying). I think the same […]

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Two Pieces

There was nothing left of the sun in the sky except weak pearly light cast over the library parking lot. Still, it was bright enough to push sunglasses up on my nose. “Let’s get dinner next week,” my brother called out to me. His girlfriend grinned and nodded. “I hate my birthday,” I replied carelessly. […]

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Forgetfulness & Forgiveness

I knew he didn’t mean to forget me. Maybe it was a test. Of vigilance perhaps – being able to notice a shift in the wind. No, no, he wasn’t terrible interested in weather shifts except for how in the winter the sun set over the city, and in summer over the hills. The green […]

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