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Mix Tape for Loving Kindness


When my heart feels the way it did the other day? I eventually fade into either meditation, NPR or, as my brother introduced me to with a mix-cd called “Wave to the Koala,” music. What did he say in the liner notes? Something about how music calms, and heals. Here’s a quick smattering of encouraging/compassion-inspiring tunes for those days when you feel that way.

What’s your go-to heart-healer?



There’s even a flailing arms man involved in this one. How can you go wrong?

This one reminds me of singing along with an entire audience of people at live shows.


Wait, you thought you’d make it through this list without a Pitch Perfect reference?

Or two.

There’s a time lapse to this I can’t unsee that always calms me.

Wherever you are, I think you’re home. Might as well welcome yourself.

My original go-to.

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