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Some Days, Two Loves Combine

Yesterday was one of those days. For my day job, I posted a blog titled “How to Use PDF: Online Dating Edition” over at Nitro. That’s right – it’s a blog about two things I like one whole heck of a lot: dating and PDF.

Want to see what the new way of managing your dating life can look like (think out with the spreadsheets, in with the moodboards!). Read on.

Managing an active dating life has never been simple. Ye olden way was to have your parents vet would-be suitors. Then, singles took control of their social lives, only to realize there’s a lot of data to keep track of (especially with the advent of online dating). Matching a face to a screen name to a real name, remembering personal details about more than one person, even outfit choices (lest you show up on a second date in your first date look) have a place on the grid of online dating data.

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To read the whole post, click here!

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