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Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 10.52.04 AMThere seems be an extra oomph of Thanksgivitude lolling about this year. Maybe it’s the number of Facebook friends sharing a daily dose of thankfulness. Maybe it’s the fact that while waiting in line to walk up the stairs at Bart, more people than ever before were giving money to the musician who was brightening our day. Maybe it’s that you can’t listen to the BBC without hearing horrific stories from elsewhere, or watch Catching Fire and think about how much worse it could be, and it makes us glad we’re here and now — not there, not then.

I’m thankful for a lot. But today, on the second Thanksgiving of 50/50, I’d like to publicly be thankful to the following:

– Every date who has contacted me afterward, whether just to say hi, or even more to tell me about your dating adventures since we met. I love cheering you all on, and I’m grateful you are open to sharing your life with me.

– Oregon Jon, who proved to me that dating across the country might actually be fun.

– Washington Everette, for the flowers.

– Montana Ben, for reminding me that a slow burn is just as interesting as a wildfire (and for, along with Maine Sean and South Carolina Jeffery, writing publicly/privately about what it was like to go on a date with me).

– DC Tahir, Utah Luke, Hawaii Stephanie, and North Carolina Mike, for not just being dates, but becoming honest to gosh friends who inspire, challenge, and delight me.

– Ohio R, because it takes zero exaggeration to get shocked looks when I tell people about our date (though I always chalk it up to you being nervous).

– Arkansas Jay, for being open about your life.

I’m actually just thankful to everyone who was willing to go on a date with me across the country. I knew 50/50  was going to change my life somehow…I just had no idea that it wasn’t a momentary change, or one that happened overnight. Instead, it’s been an evolution, little pieces leading to other little pieces, like following breadcrumbs or connecting dots. I’m wildly different than I was one year ago, and while I’m sure I’d have been different regardless, that wildly part I attribute to my experiences with Megs and the dates on the road.

And that there, is what they call Thanksgivitude.




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