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Mini Flags

Mini Flags


Megan here. I am amazed we have only had one Civil War in this country’s history. Hop on a plane, go to New Orleans, then San Frannsico, then Duluth, then Juneau, then Boston, then Dallas. Go ahead, I will wait……

…You back? Ok, what was the same in any of those places?  Not a whole lot.  The same money, the same government, the same(ish) language. But after that? Really, it’s a miracle we all get along as well as we do. Especially on this day, one of my favorite holidays. How many of us will go to BBQ’s today? To parades? Or decide to not go to anything in protest (also an American tradition!)?

So remember this day, as we eat our pie, and go to our parades, or sit at home in disapproval:  while the letters U-S-A may bring joy to us or may disappoint us, and we all may have different ideas how to change for the better, we are all here, and that should count for something.


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