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Your Actions Speak Just As Loud As Your Words

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Post-date etiquette on the road is a tad different than when your physical location is static for a significant period of time, but I think the same general concepts apply.

A text two minutes after you leave each other’s presence says I had an exceptionally good time or possibly Wait, come back and let’s make out. That said, either not sending a follow-up thank-you at any point (or not responding to a follow-up Gee, wasn’t that a blast and by the way you looked hot in that dress but I was embarrassed to tell you in person) gives an equally loud and clear message.

If you want to see your date again, you either send the follow-up message or you respond to a message sent to you. Or for goodness sakes, if they call you, answer your phone. And if you don’t want to see them again, don’t say anything. Yes, it’s a bit rude. But unless you’re comfortable saying to someone, “Man, that was great but I just didn’t feel any sparks,” and then having a conversation with them about why (because they will ask why), I am going to advocate the passive-aggressive route here. (First date — you don’t owe them much besides kindness. Remember?)

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