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One of the most frequently asked questions about 50/50 has been, “Well, what if a guy likes Megan more than you?” All joking of tag-teaming aside, Meg and I knew this was a likely scenario. It was never a matter of if but rather, of when. Answer: Idaho.

While most boys have been intimidated by Megan and Beast (the biggest camera we use), date number four, Corey, was merrily chattering away at her while she set up. And once we were on our run, after some conversation about birth places and roommates and entrepreneurship, Corey very much enjoyed talking about Megan.

Of course, Meg is one of my favorite conversation topics, too. She’s a new friend, and up until we left for this trip, we knew as much about one another as a margarita knows about a snail. And as we figure out how to get tequila and escargot to blend together, I find myself more and more fond of the gal. Part of this trip is not only about the relationships we make with strangers across the country, but the friendship and business relationship we forge together. So at first, it wasn’t weird to talk about my ever-growing list of reasons Megan is rad. Until I realized that the more I glowed about Megan, the more Corey did, too.

Post-run, we moved onto a pub quiz. Corey invited Megan to sit with us, kept trying to ply her with drinks, and at every question turned to her for an answer (which made sense during the questions about history and Monty Python, but not during questions about 80s pop culture and language). He made sure to order enough food for her, not asking what my preference would be — which meant I wound up with a meat pizza in front of me. When I told him I was a vegetarian, he said, “Oh, I did that too for six months!” Which made it seem even more odd that he hadn’t thought to ask what I liked to eat.

Throughout all this, Megan kept trying to get into the shadows as is her way during the dates, and Corey kept bringing her into the spotlight. I kept texting her at every chance, telling her to just join us. I figured we’d all be more comfortable if she were with us — and besides, much as I like dating, I love hooking people up.

But alas, Megan wasn’t as into Corey as he was her — so we bid him farewell, got into Huckleberry Fit, and fell into shocked giggles. Once we were able to mention the incident without gales of laughter, we decided that when we find ourselves in the situation again, we would literally just high five as she became the dater and I became the filmmaker. If the boy seems confused, we’ll just politely say, “No worries — we can tell you’re into her. Let’s just acknowledge it, and hey, now’s your chance!”

It’s always an adventure out here. And a learning experience. What did I learn on this particular adventure? Well, speak the truth. Acknowledge what is real. Life is short — don’t waste time. Go live it.

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  1. Joni says:

    My favorite story, yet! :-) Every morning before I head off to the wilds of 6th grade, I treat myself to a cup of tea and check to see if you’ve left me any tid bits (also a treat!) of wit and wisdom. Keep it coming, girls! xoxoxo

  2. Aw, yay! Glad to hear it, Joni!

  3. Wow, this had honestly never occurred to me. Absolutely no offense to Megan, I simply hadn’t realized how much interaction she’d be having with you and your dates. (Um, duh, she’s the camera person up in your face; excuse my lack of imagination.) Love the tag-out idea, that’s totally awesome. Alicia, you’re such a good sport. ‘Cept that one time that dude was being a jerk when we were playing whiffle ball. But he deserved it. :)

    • Oh my gosh, whiffle ball dude! I forgot all about him!!! (On a date in South Dakota I was discussing times I had been mean to people on sports fields and definitely did not mention him. Golly, whatever was it that he said that made me so mad?)

      Megs and I are kinda looking forward to the next time. She’s teaching me to use the cameras so we can have footage of it!

    • admin says:

      Oh my gosh. That whiffle ball dude…I forgot what I said to him but it was probably in the shaming realm.

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