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Any Random Wednesday

Capture1There’s a song lyric by Jewel (yes, that Jewel. Or rather, this one) that I’ve always loved, which has been belting out like a drunk karaoke fanatic through my head the last few days:  I’d rather see the world from another angle.  

Except every time the imaginary crooner sings, she goes I have to see the world at another angle, which is a much more accurate description of how things go down in my head on a day-to-day basis.

This turn of phrase is not surprising. Frankly, I do have to see the world the way I do. For one, it’s the only way I can get out of bed in the morning. Whoa, that came out as depressed; I’m most definitely not. It’s more just that the world is bold and brave and beautiful, and despite anything/everything I believe we should see those parts of it while acknowledging realistically the harder parts.

For two, I’d wager my need to see the world this way directly correlates to my desire to go on 50 first dates, complete said 50+ dates and consider them to be successful even though only one led to second (and third and fourth) dates.

I’m not suggesting that seeing the world at another angle will make you happier or better or any -er for that matter (ha, there’s another -er!). But doing so, and sharing that POV with just one person, can result in texts like this:

And I want to tell you something. I am so grateful for you. I don’t think words can even express it. But I’ll try. You inspire me. You move me. You push me to be a better version of myself. You help me understand that life isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses, and that it’s okay. You’ve helped me in this journey of positivity simply by being you. I know it probably wasn’t (and isn’t) always easy taking time out of your day to text or email me in an effort to pull me off the edge of the proverbial cliff. But I am so incredibly appreciative that you did. You help me realize my feelings are always valid, and that while I should feel them, I should not be controlled by them. And that in the end, life is still pretty beautiful. I am so happy you are a part of my life.

And frankly, if being myself and having to see the world at the angle I do means I get a text like that on a random Wednesday, I’ll take having to over rathering to any day.

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