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Why #YesAllWomen Is Really About Men, After All | Role Reboot

CaptureOne of my dates from the road – one of my brilliant, handsome, thoughtful, engaging, dynamic and wonderful dates – wrote this for Role Reboot. And frankly, it’s worth a read. Tahir is wise, eloquent, and I am grateful to know him.

Here’s a snippet:

In the few days since the shootings at Isla Vista, a national conversation about men, masculinity, and sex has emerged. It’s not the first time we’ve had such a conversation; in the aftermath of Steubenville, a number of fantastic writers published powerful, soul-searching pieces. Both in the aftermath of Steubenville and now, the conversation has missed one key element: What are we going to do to end violence against women?

I stumbled across pick-up artistry the way I imagine most young men do. As a socially awkward, insecure, pubescent teenager (I would only later learn how redundant that identity was), I began to desperately want female companionship and I had no idea how to go about attaining it. Worse, I was certain that I had fallen far behind the curve, that everyone else had figured it out. It felt like finding a girl was the single most important thing in the world. And I was a miserable failure.

Now, at 30, I have enough distance from that raging cauldron of hormones to know how ridiculous I was…

Read the whole piece: Why #YesAllWomen Is Really About Men, After All | Role Reboot.

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