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Would You Hire a Pro to Write Your Dating Profile?


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In a recent Today.com Style article, writer Danika Fears asked a question near and dear to my heart: Smart or tacky? Busy brides outsource wedding vows, thank you notes. While the article  focuses on happy customers and the writing process, a poll attached asked readers if they would use a writing service.

Of 950 respondents, only 23% said “yes” — the implication being that 77% felt it was tacky.

Sure, this is close to me for a few reasons:

1) My small business, Vow Muse, does just this — penning vows, ceremonies, toasts, and even dating profiles

2) Vow Muse, and two happy clients, were quoted in the article

Because of Vow Muse, I am often caught answering this question: it is “right” to write something as personal as vows, or a dating profile?

I think it is. Here’s why:

When you want things to be perfect, you hire a professional.  A seamstresses enhances the dress you bought, fitting it to your body — and no one would ever suggest it was poor form to ask for his/her help. Same with a photographer. Sure, you could take selfies at your event, or get one of your friends to do it — but a professional can take high quality, high res images that they can edit and manipulate with expertise. Even the president relies on speechwriters to take his message and craft the perfect speech.

It’s not uncommon to struggle when trying to discuss complex, intense emotions or thoughts. The job of a writer, whether a copywriter or a vow writer or a dating profile writer, isn’t to morph their client into something they are not; it’s to enhance who they are and what they want to say through words.

Maybe it’s not trendy… yet. But I have the distinct feeling that the stigma of hiring a writer to help you express the best version of yourself on your wedding day or before your first date is going to fade considerably as more and more people see the positive outcomes of doing so.

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