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Interviews : Dating

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 10.03.33 AMIf only there were an SAT ratio question about dating, I’d probably have at least a few more points on the standardized test that terrorized me. You can tell just how well I did at that exact test based on the fact that I can’t even remember the fancy-pants name of those trickster queries. Clearly they were not ratios (that’s a math thing). Comparison questions? (Nope, also math.)

Moving on.*

I’ve been going on interviews lately. No, not the kind where I’m peppered with questions about dating, but the kind where I talk about my education, talents and previous work experience. (And yes, sometimes we talk dating too because I’ve been focusing plenty of energy there.) While sitting down with strangers across a table two things occurred to me:

1) There’s an OkCupid question that asks if you are more nervous by a job-interview or by a first date. (My answer: job interview.)

2) Job interviews are a lot like first dates. (Hence nothing to be nervous about)

First dates are all about being the best version of yourself but also being genuinely true to yourself. Putting on a facade or playing games may get you a second date, or even a significant other, but likely no one will be happy in the relationship if your true-you wanders out one day the the shock of your partner.

Look at that above paragraph. Replace “date” with “interview” and “relationship” with “job” and presto! Similarities ahoy! Let’s continue…

Probably best not to swear on first dates lest the person you’re with think you incapable of manners. Dressing appropriately for a first date is helpful to showing you’re a socio-culturally conscious person. It’s best not to get too excited for the possibility of a relationship on a first date and instead take things one step at a time and enjoy the ride.

Yep, look at that! Works again! As someone prone to interview-jitters, these past few weeks have been a fun reminder as to why it’s best just to sit back, be yourself, and not stress. After researching a company and giving myself a quick pep talk on what I’ve done in the past (I’m not great at boasting about myself despite having confidence in what I do), I relax and lean into the experience. And hey…it works out pretty well.

*Correct answer: Analogy questions.

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