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Due to medical brew-ha-ha, Alicia isn’t able to post today. But tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow. Just you wait. Unless of course she learns that she cannot write while on painkillers. In which case, you’ll just have to wait some more.

However, for today, you’re going to get to OOOOH and AAAAH over three of Alicia’s favorite Lisa Frank art pieces. Enjoy!

The lovely unicorn made it’s way onto a sticker on Alicia’s pink water bottle at ZOZI. Yup. Thats’s how much she liked it. Sometimes she would take that water bottle to the gym and wonder why boys in the pool didn’t hit on her…


An angel cat with tiger stripes?! Who wouldn’t love this portrait of someone’s spirit animal…maybe Lindsey Lohan?


Lisa Frank – updating classics since 1987. If someone can find a postcard or 8×11 print of this, send me an email. Please and thank you.*

Everyone cross your fingers Alicia feels better tomorrow. Goodness only knows what would show up here if she didn’t.

* Thanks to the tech savvy Greg, I’ve learned you indeed can purchase this Lisa Frank-esque (though not Ms. FL herself) print on the world wide web over at Deviant Art. Round of cheers for BlackDahlia!

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