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In the car yesterday, Megan and I were discussing my date with Everette. She wanted to hear my story of being in London and finding out the guy I was there with had been (and technically still was) married. And in her true Megan way, she wanted me to look at it from a less-cheery point of view.

I was never terribly irked at the man. A little confused, but at the same time, a little flattered that he liked me enough to not want to ruin his chances with me right off the bat. Megan rolled her eyes and said it seemed manipulative of him, and like he didn’t trust me to react rationally to the truth.

So I countered, asking whether what my former ex did to me was any better than what I did to my most recent ex —  where after he came back and wanted to date, I waited almost a month to mention the details of the 50/50 idea. My ex thought it was “crafty” of me not to explain the project in full, and I replied that I wanted to date him and didn’t want to miss didn’t want to miss our chance of being together. Really, it’s the same thing. I’m just as capable of deceit to get what I want.

Megan parried again, pointing out that I had reasons not to trust my ex. Considering we’d broken up once before, I wanted to be able trust him again. But I had to find evidence that I could before deciding to change my plans. Megan said that this was rational thinking — moving forward cautiously, not jumping in with both feet after having been hurt before.

I’m not sure who is right. But per usual, Megan’s got me thinking.

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  1. Just because you make the same move someone else does (whether for the same reasons or not) doesn’t make either of those actions right. That’s my two cents. “It’s a trap!” Yeah. That’s putting it lightly… :)

  2. sarah says:

    Just curious, but are the dates not being filmed? My whole image of the project just got blown out of the water?!?

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