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He’s Nice! (Or Is He?)

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I have a tendency to be Miss Merry Sunshine about situations and people, handing over the benefit of the doubt as if it were a limited time offer and I am unable to pass up a good deal. For example, while on my Oregon date we came across a house with the porch light on — it was about one in the afternoon. My date made a comment about this being “inconsiderate,” and I immediately said, “Perhaps a young woman lives there and knows she’s coming home late and hates to return to a completely dark house.” Maybe my problem is that I’m a storyteller.

Regardless, one of the reasons I’m thankful to have Megan on this trip is her uncanny ability to give the benefit of the doubt on more of a VIP/membership-only basis. Which means when I turn to her after a date (as I have on every date) and say, “Oh, I like him. He’s nice,” she can give me a look, listen to my reasoning and then suggest ideas as to why perhaps so-and-so isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for.

I have a hard time predicting the future. After each date thus far, Megan has asked me what I see not working out with the guy I just met, and I’ve fumbled through my answers.

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